You will not be unfamiliar with chromium metal or element if you have studied chemistry in high school. It is a hard, brittle metal that looks steely-grey and with high melting point. These qualities have made chromium an important substance in the auto and other industries for decorative as well as for protection purposes.  You will often see cars sporting high polished bumpers and other parts. They are chrome plated. To get started, click here!
Plating has been around for a long time of course. Many household appliances are plated with enamel.  And don’t forget about gold plating. Chrome plating though is the most popular.  It is used to protect engine from corrosion, a problem that car and other machinery owners are always concerned with. Chromed engines, exhaust   pipes are highly resistant to heat, rust and the most corrosive materials.  They can’t be scratched easily and are not difficult to clean. Hence, chrome plating engines last longer than those plated with another material or not plated at all.
It is now possible to chrome plate solid surfaces made from most materials such as steel, iron, copper, etc…. The traditional process of plating involves melting the chromium to make a solution and immersing the object to be plated into the solution.
These days plastic can also be chromed.  Manufactures have developed chrome paint for plastic that can be sprayed over the plastic object.  Plastic is easily scratched.   Dirt will cling tenaciously to it, making it difficult to clean. But when chromed it effectively resists scratching just like chromed metals and a wipe of a clean cloth is just about all you have to do to keep its metallic gloss.
If ever you need parts of your car or any other object chrome plated, there are many companies that can do it for   you.  One of them, the Mueller Corporation, has thriving chrome plating division known for the quality of it finished products.  You want to visit its web site to see for yourself whether it is the right company for the plating job   you have in mind.
Buying chrome paint for plastic is your best option if the object you want chromed is plastic. You can save a lot of money by doing the chroming yourself and at home.  There are many articles in the net offering detailed instructions and useful tips about how can do the job properly. Click to find out more about this.

Visit http://www.ehow.com.ttyizhan.com/how_6771034_remove-fine-scratches-chrome-plating.html for more information.


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